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My name is Johnny Ebsen and I am a Game developer. Please join me on a journey of adventure and fun. The games I try to develop are not only about mechanics, neither about theme. Its about experience. Feel it, live it.

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Preparing for Spiel '12 (08.10.2012)            

This year I will travel to Spiel '12, the biggest game fair in the world, for the very first time. Of course, the highlight for me will be the launch of Urbanization, so you will probably see me at the Queen Games booth (5-30) a lot. I will travel there with my son Peter and we have four different prototype games in the lugage, that we will try to find a publisher for. These are Norseheim, Warrior Cats, Scala and In a land of Heroes.

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Interviewed by Papskubber.dk (02.09.2012)            

In the middle of last month Papskubber.dk, who is the largest online website discussing board games in Denmark, continued their series of articles about danish game designers. This time it was yours truly. Read the article here.

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New games in development (17.08.2012)            

In a land of Heroes
It was early morning in the City of Yellowgrove. The sun was still throwing long shadows from the city walls, but the streets were already bursting with life. This was not an ordinary morning. No, this was the most anticipated and exciting morning of the hole year. People gathered at the market place in the middle of the city to cheer the young brave men and women, who had volunteered as monster slayers in this year’s creature hunt. They were ready to leave the protecting walls of Yellowgrove.

The monster slayer game I'm currently working on makes good progress and I could imagine it will be presented to publishers in November in München. I have not had that much fun developing a game for a long time. I had the pleasure to have a bunch of young people test playing the game and the enthusiasm they show is unparalleled. That is the reason for being a game designer. Just love it.

Lunar explorer
Another gamers game that I have been working on for some time now. I finally have found solutions to all major problems and it is now just down to test and adjust, test and adjust etc.

After the game returned from a publisher I have been working on an update of the recruitment, diplomactic and build actions and the way Giants enter play. A first test play looked promising and with a couple of fine tunings I think this could also become a real good game, for which I have hight hopes.

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Urbanization Kickstarted            

This morning the Kickestarter campaign for Urbanization finished. It came in at $46.265, well above the prediction. I would like to express a big thank you to any of you who has backed the game. It makes me so proud.
My designer diary has also been posted on BoardGameGeek. It describes the process Urbanization has went through until now. Link

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"Webpages updated            

I have added new games and corresponding rules to the "game" section. I have also added polls to the games where you can let me know if the game is of interest to you or not. I hope that I can use these informations when negotiating with publishers. Thanks for your cooperation in advance.
Btw. if the games does not do it for you it is also important for me to know it, so don't be shy and press the "No" button if you feel like it.

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